The perfect bundle combining the Special Edition I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by Sakki-Sakki with your fave celebratory style-statement scarf (while supplies last!)


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Now Out of Print, the Sakki-Sakki Tarot – for the Artist in Each of Us, has been reincarnated to I AM THE ARTIST Tarot, by Sakki-Sakki. 


The deck has 80 (+4) cards and comes in a sturdy box.
All the cards have been reworked, designed to be recognizable yet delightful with surprise.
card size: 7×12 cm (approx. 2.7″ x 4.7″)

  • 78 Majors & Minors – incorporating the structure and meanings of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, together with Astrology, Kabbalah and personal symbolism.

Unique additional cards to this deck

  • “The Artist”, of course!
  • “The Untitled One”

And… To celebrate this rebirth, this Special Edition also includes:

  • 3 extra cards representing the Three Creative Powers
  • Companion sheets for color-inspired spreads!

The cards are printed in the EU, on premium 320gr paper, with black core layer-a must for extra flexibility and durability when shuffling. The price of the black-core paper has gone up dramatically and it’s rarely used anymore, not even by the big publishers. So, hold on!

Subscribers can also enjoy a handy digital LCB (Little Colorful Book) with keywords, designed to be used on your phone. Are you ready for this??


From casual to the red carpet!
Wear Art. Spark conversations. Activate magic!

A Sakki-Sakki oversized scarf is a celebration of colors and symbols.  A declaration of creativity and spirit, and a style statement that speaks beyond aesthetics.

Choose one of these unique design–while supplies last!
1. Playing Symbols
2. The Untitled One
3. The Empress

Additional information

Weight 417 g

1. Playing Symbols, 2. The Untitled One, 3. The Empress