The Sakki-Sakki Coloring Book was born (after much resistance, and you can read all about my confessions here). To celebrate this journey I thought of creating a new card to accompany the Artist’s Edition Coloring Book.

Which Card?  This question was answered as soon as it was asked. I didn’t hesitate, and I didn’t have to debate or to choose. The answer was there, clear cut, and loud!

One More Death card.

Now, will you ask me, “Why One More Death”? (Ask! Ask!!)
So. Here it goes.

This Death is a bit different.

While the traditional Death card is about profound and forced change, and the inevitable dramatic renewal, this card, has a more voluntary flavor in it. It’s about “Creating Your Own Change”, out of your own good will, and at your own choosing of timing. This may sound either a fantastic deal or a complete control freak. Nevertheless,

When change is imposed on us, it’s hard. When we have to create our own change, it’s even harder. So much harder, we might as well avoid it altogether.

While the Scorpio is typically the astrological symbol of the Death card, here the Scorpion has even a more central role. This Death is a Scorpion itself, ready to sting one’s self, and to create the transformation it craves. Of course this Scorpion is a very feminine one. Equality?? At last!

Although the character has no lips, it carries a flag with what I call: “Melted Lips”. They may look trembling to you, or simply puffy, but know that I call them “melted”. That symbolizes our challenge and need to express ourselves verbally. The change needs to be communicated, before and after it happens. It’s not private anymore, like Death-Death. We don’t only have to endure this change, but also to spread the word about it. We are the subject and the advocate at once! (But truly, there are more interpretations to Melted Lips. All yours now!)

Lady Death embodies a woman of all ages. From the child ballerina, to the old woman with white hair. The hot pink fumes, or paths behind her, prove that this Death, promises a truly lively life, that shows up both as initial thoughts but also as a manifested reality. She does not need to turn into ashes before her rebirth… she can take it from where she is now, from the state of “as-is”, and create her own magic transformation, on her own terms!

The Sakki-Sakki “One More Death” card is available exclusively as part of the Sakki-Sakki Tarot Coloring Book – Artist’s Edition.

A New Death card for the Sakki-Sakki Tarot