The Sakki-Sakki & MIT Libraries’ Distinctive Collections

The Sakki-Sakki was chosen for inclusion in the prestigious MIT Libraries’ Distinctive Collections.
The library’s staff also used the innovative box design for the archival system of the whole collection.

Incredible grateful for this opportunity to inspire and share.
THANK YOU to the MIT Libraries stuff for watching and curating what is often unseen. 

Imagine my awe when I received an order for The Sakki-Sakki Tarot placed by the MIT Libraries’. Then, I didn’t even know what that meant. 

Quite some time later though, I also recived an email asking me to participate in a series of  “Together At Home” lectures organized by ICON – The Institute of Conservation.

This is a series of fascinating topics aimed to educate and share knowledge among conservation professinals, at a rough time when everyone shifted to working from home. 

Why me?
It’s all about the BOX, baby! 

Divine Conservation: What can 500 tarot decks tell us about conservation?

Jana Dambrogio joined the Conservation-Together at Home series organised by Icon Book & Paper with a talk titled “Divine Conservation: What can 500 tarot decks tell us about conservation?” 
She was joined by the Wunsch Conservation Lab Staff and artist, Monicka Clio Sakki.

My interview starts at 31:40, but the whole lecture is fascinating, and I encourage you to watch all of it. 🙂