Your ONE-of-a-Kind Art
Your ONE-of-a-Kind Meaning


A collection of 300 digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Which one is yours? Mint to reveal your Magician!

Mint Your Magician
Co-create your interpretation

The Magician digital collectible is the key to the upcoming digital collection, I AM THE ARTIST Crypto Tarot – a sibling project, that celebrates owning the Artist identity and ignites self-discovery through the Tarot.

The Magican was the first card created to “crack the style,” so it’s only fitting to start with them now.

There will be only 300 generative Magicians, each having a mix of different traits and items on the table. Therefore, no two cards will look the same of have the same meaning.

It’s all about meaningful play, so fasten your seatbelts! 

Owning a Magician?

Once you Mint Your Magician you become a collector and and an owner. You’re granted access to the next crypto presale, AND first in line for the pre-order and shipping of the printed deck, if you wish to purchase one.

Your Magician will also invite you to a creative challenge to create your interpretation based on the one you minted, in Words or Art. 

This is where the community convo & magic begins. There will be giveaways and prizes!

Early NFT supporters will be rewarded in multiple ways ♥️

New to NFTs?

I created this FOR YOU!

Minting Your Magician is your easy entry to the NFT space and Web3. See it as an opportunity. A nudge. 

Be part of the conversation and part of the inevitable future. 

Presale sign up (and the symbolic price) is now open, for a limited time. 

The presale minting itself will be possible within a time window of only few days, so stay tuned.

One week before pre-mint date, I will conduct an invite-only training where I show you my best practices on setting up a crypro ETH wallet, and best practices for security.

WHO’s The Artist?

Monicka Clio Sakki is an award winning artist, author and the creator of the renowned Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us, and the personal branding framework, Self-Magic Woman.

Her vibrant, quirky and positive art brings a wonderful, riotous explosion of colors, exclamations, smiles and exaggerated gestures, along with evocative, rich symbolism. 

Sakki recently became fascinated by crypto art and NFTs.
Reincarnating the Sakki-Sakki as an NFT project is a natural evolution–the theme of the ARTIST lends itself almost mystically.

When you meet Monicka on zoom, you’ll find her surrounded by  a colorful line up of LEGO made Goddesses that made it as her first playstories.nft . Each one has a name and domain, so make sure you ask her to show you Madame Desire & Miss Inspiration. 

    Spread the word with your Tarot lover frens.
    They will thank you! 🤩