The little secret to Knowing

I was stunned to realize that one of the most important lessons about Love, was given to me through Art. Let me zoom out for a second, and tell you about what I call “The Extraordinary Factor” – my little secret to knowing I’m on the right path.


I have found out that for special bonds to happen, the Extraordinary Factor is an absolute must, and also concrete proof, that something special is indeed happening. I can see the works of the Extraordinary Factor in relationships: How do we know we have found the ONE? Both sides need to be able to show, or demonstrate something extraordinary. Something they would not do for anyone else. Something that can be exceptional, unforgettable, impressive or rare and wondrous.

This is Love. You stretch. You are willing to go further. You put a huge effort–and that drive comes effortlessly to you. You do something crazy. Something extraordinary. You move country just to be with someone, you wait for someone for a year, you go through 150 names in the yellow pages (and call all of them) till you find your high school sweet heart, you are willing to “bring down the moon and the stars” and offer them to someone, as a friend of mine says. Do you relate?

Love makes us do these things for the ones we love or want to love. Once a stranger, later on our family. The Extraordinary factor creates your closest bonds. It brings you so close to something till it becomes a part of you.

So what Art has to do with it?

I love my art but never really given a thought about that love. Or had any idea how big that love is.
Till I found myself doing extraordinary things FOR MY ART.
I don’t know if the love is for my art itself (the product), for my artist self, for the experience of the creative process, or for the mix of them all. Calling it ART is a good enough choice of word for now.  Here is some of my list:
  • I took a booth and showcased my designs at a Licensing Show in Javits Center, NY, before I was ready.
  • I stood twice, for 32 days in a row each time, 11 hours per day, in minus degrees cold weather, in Union Square New York, selling my art at a holiday booth, alone.
  • I researched, created, published and financed with my savings The Sakki-Sakki Tarot, for over three years.
  • I researched, designed, published and financed with my savings the “A Happy Passover Haggadah“, for another three years.
  • I have created over 100 works of art without a single customer in mind.
  • When it comes to my art projects, I have an illogical kind of commitment and devotion.
  • I decided to renew Sakki-Sakki no matter what.
  • I am posting here. This is definitely extraordinary for me to do!

When something Extraordinary happens, you Know.

The Extraordinary has to be extraordinary, but not necessary grandiose.

Think about it for a moment. What have you done or received for
– love
– your art
– your business
– your life
that has the Extraordinary Factor written all over it?

And, oh, why is this so important?

Because you should make sure to sincerely thank yourself + a big hug for each one of these Extraordinaries!
The more you appreciate yourself for these, the more you will be able to create. And you know how that will make you feel… Start planning your next ones now!