This doll house has been my dream since I was a girl. I had many dolls and “room accessories” for them, but not a real dollhouse. So naturally, this became of of the first things on my MAMArtist To-Do-List.
The planning took forever. Too long, if you ask me. And even with extensive planning, some things did not work out at the end and needed to change. The final color of the outer walls also changed. Chemistry in real life is different than on paper.


Planning took too long, but the more planning, the better…


I used wood glue and then long nails and nails with no head. The house must have wheels, I thought to myself and off I went to buy the best wheels, to last a life time.


I added one color at a time for efficiency. As the painting process continued I was tempted to leave the background natural wood and not to paint it yellow. The magic was revealing before my eyes. At times I wanted to change everything!


This is the stage when I felt that I could live here. (and that this will not look so bad after all in my living room…)


Every house that respects itself should have a pool, or at least a portable jacuzzi, or the very least a homage to David Hockney. Come splash with me?
ANd I was so proud of these window details. The architect in me lives!


Remember the wheels? Well, my sen loved them, and started skateboarding on the house. This is when the base had to come in. It also added some height which was good. Anything better than a skateboarding house in the house!


Could not do EVERYTHING. Some of the furniture I bought, and some I made with wooden leftovers and thick cardboard. I am still working on “our family” peg dolls. Now that will have to wait a little longer…
I can tidy all day and within two seconds.. well.. it’s not mine anymore!

The gates were supposed to be attached but this one major change I made. They are completely removable for the sake of space and safety. One day, when there will be no longer use to this house, i can see it as a lovely bookcase with wheels (I did mention these will last a lifetime, right?)

Before the final design there came many many other options and possibilities. What you see below are only a few. I really wanted to make this one my own, so I definitely killed my own time…


The cut list is in centimeters and you are welcome to use it. At the end I did not make the flipable roof, and the cut list does not reflect that. If you want to attempt and make such a house, know that I did it with minimal tools and very basic carpentry skills. But I was very passionate about it, and that helped it come true!