It was all over my childhood, my further education, my jobs, my spare time. Always about the Arts. Yet, I didn’t see myself like an artist.

Eyebrows were rising like eagles.

Members of the Family were quite astonished with the idea that I was about “to go out to the streets” for my art. You see, my Jewish-Greek background comes with heavy baggage of seeking safety, and a general skepticism in the arts: Can’t make a living with art!

Only, little did they know, and little did I know myself, but this is exactly what was needed for me to call my self an Artist.

“The moment” didn’t seem significant when it happened. Because it wasn’t. That thing was in the making for a long time, it didn’t just pop itself out of the blue.

You see, becoming the Artist of your life, happens the exact opposite way than how you become a Queen: Coronation first. Claiming the throne before starting to rule. These are the examples you get from someone who is raising the “Frozen” generation! 

You don’t call yourself an Artist before you become an artist. (Note: the rest of the world maybe see you that way from long ago, but your own eyes are the ones that really count, right???)

So, when it came to claiming my title as an Artist it had nothing to do with my creative practice. That was already established and running, but apparently it wasn’t enough to get me the credit.

- [ ] How creating a tarot deck changed my life (and it can do the same for you).

So, what did it?

Standing in my booth in Union Sq in NYC, with a small sign that read: “All art created and sold by the Artist”, and later, with a note on my hat “I Am the Artist” (so they won’t think I am a low paid temp, willing to freeze my bones till Xmas).

What made me get there?

What belief in my abilities, in the work I was producing, made this feel possible? What was I selling that made me confident enough to stand there and claim my identity (and be confident/hopeful that I will cover my high costs??) What made me defeat all “expectations” from my upbringing?

And the frosting on it all: What made me love my work enough, to believe that others can love it too??? Bottom line, this is what its about..

Tarot art.

The known, proven structure shown with freedom of expression. The universal with the personal. The ancient with the modern. The traditional with the innovation. The language we all speak, now with my accent.

There is something so powerful, and not necessary more easy, when you use such a framework to pour your meaning into it. It snaps like a high duty magnet. It connects magically. You are part of a much much bigger cycle now. And your voice is as relevant as any. If this speaks to you, then you want to check out The Signature Deck Salon!

And how was that any different, still?

There were already plenty of Tarot decks out there. If I was about to make my own, I had to raise my bar, and meet my interpretation. Had to find what excited me, that I haven’t seen it in someone else’s work yet. Had to find my spin and spine in this work. Love how that sounds! The images had to cracked one by one. There was no methodology. No bulletproof process to repeat. There was a lot of new stuff to learn. And the more I knew, the more there was to know… And for every collective insight, came the question: “What is my insight here”? How do understand that? What does that look like through my own experiences? What is my contribution?”

Doing “More of Me”. That would be doing more of the same “me”.

It’s also not about how you can be more different to stand out. Try and hold that pose any longer and you’ll inflate like a two days old party ballon.

It’s about how you can go as far away from yourself as possible (yellow brick road anyone??), till your interpretation starts to come out; till it’s revealed. And it better be surprising, or else forced, or copies without you knowing!

So, yeah. This is How.


Ps:  There was a long list of about 20 things that happened due to creating this deck. I decided not to list them, and to focus on that ONE thing. My biggest lesson, and one I’m here to learn again, and again, and again.
It’s like the difference between when you take a new class you are excited about–Again. The second and every following time, you know what’s it about. The steps are familiar. You know where the cafeteria and the restroom is. You know whether you need to bring an extra layer because they are overdoing it with the AC. You know the voice of the instructor and their mood too…

Now tell me,

What title is yours to claim?

And what do you need to do to claim it? How can you “rule” before “coronation” day?

Needless to say, can’t wait “meet” you artist, in whatever capacity that may take!