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7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid when Creating Your Signature deck!

Tarot & Oracle Creation Course

Get inspiration + creative direction + mentoring to crack your signature deck and turn it into a brand.

What kind of deck?

Tarot, Oracle or a deck to complement your Business!


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“7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid when Creating Your Signature deck”.

Oh, this can save you so much!

“It’s the deck of my heart!”

The Sakki-Sakki has been a mainstay for me ever since I got it. I get the best, deepest, most resonant spreads out of it. I don’t ever even use any other deck anymore. It speaks to me. It’s the deck of my heart.

Michelle Newcome

Salon with me? Who am I to offer this to you?

This course combines and offers everything I was professionally trained for + work + life!

  • An artist who created and self-published the award-winning Sakki-Sakki Tarot for the Artist in Each of Us.
  • The co-writer and publisher of the acclaimed companion book “Playing with Symbols”, while I didn’t think that I have a single writer’s-bone in me.
  • A creative director and illustrator specializing in branding and product development who worked in one of the biggest publishing houses in NYC.
  • A certified art & design instructor with an MA in Visual Communications and Liberal Arts (with my Tarot deck as my thesis!!).
  • A passionate student and lover of Tarot, Mythology, Symbols and Systems. (Moon in Virgo!)
  • An advocate of creative expression and Self-Magic!
  • A toy collector building with lego on my spare time.
  • Someone who wishes this kind of course was available when I first started on my own Tarot journey!

Make it playfully. Wrap it seriously.

“The world certainly needs a lot more of this.”

I am thrilled with this Tarot deck. The Artist is a true genius and so full of the joy of life, intelligence and humor that using this deck for meditation or readings for others is quite a unique experience. Please continue to be creative and innovative.


“You are one of the most unique tarot artists and I like the vibrancy of your work.”

I was looking for a “quirky” deck for my “quirky” readings , yours in the one, so Thank you deeply for putting your work out there.

Fluxus Reno

Registration is now closed! Get on the waitlist and grab your free guide!

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