The Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us, is officially Out Of Print, Ya’ all! 

Let’s celebrate!

You’re invited to a colorful, recorded LIVE behind the scenes presentation:


from Magician to Self-Magic

You’ll also be added to the PRE-ORDER INTEREST list, for first deets. There is absolutely no commitment required from you at this time.

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In this presentation you’ll discover: 

  • My Creative Process Things I never shared before…
  • A Call for Healing Your art knows what you don’t know
  • The Artist card Its deeper meaning and role for each of us NOW
  • What’s Next (you’ll love this one!)

This is way beyond “behind the scenes.” It’s the full view of my creative thread, from the past and into the future, influences and evolution. This will go beyond Tarot.

It’s for all those for all those that feel called to honor and express their creative self. If you are a Sakki-Sakki lover, this is a must. If you are an artist (any kind of artist), aspiring artist, resisting your artist, loving symbolic meaning, or someone who wants to make sense of all the things you do, want to do, don’t understand why you do, this will totally spark you up.

This is a separate emailing list (not my on going newsletter), created for this event only, and for occasional future updates on the Sakki-Sakki.

I came here to celebrate a deck I love, and to listen to your creative process.. And there was so much more in your webinar… So much more than what I was expecting. Thank you SO much❤️️

– Caroline Rahon

Thank you for your webinar!  You have such heart-lifting, joyful, contagious energy!  So much of your talk connected directly to me.  Finding the creative thread through my life, everything in life tracing back to that common thread and leading back to my soul’s home (Shero’s journey), a piece of art being finished when it has its own life, work being separate from my self-worth (that’s huge) and the whole concept of reclamation – you’ve brought vocabulary to my own journey and struggles.  Thank you from my soul.  Our opportunity for impact really is so much bigger than we can imagine.

– Chris Selin


from Magician to Self-Magic 

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