Woke up with this new feeling. I want to get inspired today. To see and try something different. No need to play it safe. I need new stuff. I need something to call me. 

Do you ever feel this way? The Artist in You is talking to You. Yes, yes, The Artist in You, because there is one in each of us.

Being an Artist is not reserved just for occupational creatives, such as a painter, a dancer or a writer. When you pull together impressions, images, memories and ideas from the present moment and turn them into something new – you are an Artist!

Being the Artist of Your Life goes way beyond creating objects of art.
Use your creativity to affect your life in the way you do every task, small or large.

Make a point to create your day—every day. Participate fully in your life.
Renew Yourself. Own your joy and sense of happiness.




Monicka Clio Sakki

is a self-starter artist, illustrator, designer, educator, author, inspirer, tarotist, publisher, and a professional color whisperer and creativity courier.

Monicka is here to share her art and passion for art, and to inspire you to connect with, nourish and expand the Artist in You!



Some things about me you may not get around asking :

I started my artistic journey as a toddler drawing on the inside of book covers and on records (!). You got it right- I never got any approval for that.

I had the image of the Starving Artist, thin and miserable, lying on a yellowish dry old rag on a sidewalk, for years in my head.

I am a true trilingual: I speak Greek, Hebrew and English, and none are on a 100% level.

Since the age of twelve I have been keeping a journal with everyone’s zodiac sign (family, classmates, teachers). I don’t keep a journal anymore. I just remember. I am a Scorpio.

The Sakki-Sakki Tarot was my final thesis for my Masters degree.

My first dream was to become an architect and I took extra credits in math and physics to make that happen. Later I realized that it would  take too long before I could make things as colorful as I would like them to be.

Archetypal, common truths interest me way more than current events. (That has become a recurring conflict between me and some members of my family.)

I swim and walk to workout and to relax. I also love baking muffins. My kids love to eat them, but we all end up doing so.

Favorite Self Imposed Duty: Making special toys for my kids, such as a kitchen play set and a dollhouse. (They think that mums make these things.)

I have real true friends from all around the world, from different cultures, life styles, religions and all ages. I consistently miss someone.

My favorite fashion accessories are prescription sunglasses and water bottles.

If I see a certain shade of pink that is as close to purple as it can get, but still be called pink, I must at least touch it.

Most seriously: Constant supply of inspiration and creativity is the one thing I am always sure about.


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Monicka Clio Sakki, Artist

When people look at my work, I would like them to be inspired by life, creation and spirit. I want them to allow a piece of themselves to be transformed.