What You Create, Creates You.
So what will you today?

Artist’s Statement

My work is an exploration of identity, self-expression, and personal power.


I create ART out of PLAY.


By using pre-created doodles, plastic building-block toys, or other interchangeable elements, I create connections, or wholeness out of separation.


Play Stories are born when Inner Child meets Divine Feminine. They hold the reminder that we can play, build, break apart, and reinvent, all on our own terms.


I recognize that a piece is finished when I look at it and feel as if it’s not I who created it, and that it has a life of its own, complete without me.

My metric of success is that I’ve surprised myself.


I hope that you see yourself in my art. Not because your body shape, skin color, or hairstyle are represented… but because your soul is dancing.


When you look at my work I would like you to be inspired by life, creation, and spirit.


To discover something new about yourself… to allow a piece of yourself to be transformed.



December 2022