I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by Sakki-Sakki is now available at the SHOP!

What needs to happen, for you to call yourself an Artist?

I AM THE ARTIST is an affirmation of self-acceptance. It’s bravery and healing wrapped together. Realize your worth and be heartened by it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from creating what you want to create.

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Self-Discovery, Healing and Owning your Artists’ Identity

The Sakki-Sakki Tarot

The Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us, was published in 2004 as a printed Limited Edition of 3000 decks. It came with a written-in-the-stars companion book, Playing with Symbols, and a color punch. The deck created love-hard fans and is now out of print.

In 2020 The Sakki-Sakki called for a reincarnation. You can get INSIDE MY HEAD & CREATIVE PROCESS, by watching this video.

After decades of expansive creative expression, liberation and healing, this is what it all comes down to.
Owning my Artist’s identity (and helping you do the same) is my life’s lesson and highest work.

And so, The Sakki-Sakki Tarot-for the Artist in Each of Us got a new name: 
I AM THE ARTIST Tarot, by Sakki-Sakki


A reincarnation of a top quality ink-on-paper deck has just been published. 

So is the rewriting of the companion book that highlights all the changes, and my personal evolution and Artists’ insights since I started this journey. 

This new publication is about honoring your roots, evolving, and creating a space for healing to take place. It’s pure privilege to be able to revisit legacy work in this way. 

Using I AM THE ARTIST Tarot can help you (re)integrate symbolic play into your pondering, wondering, and decision-making, for the joy and the practical value of creative insight.


Digital Art Collectibles on the blockchain are the perfect way to bring all my work to life, and to take even deeper ownership of my Artists’ identity. In fact, this is what all Artists have been waiting for – to finally have forever leverage of their legacy. 

Check out these two collections

But, how would it work? How do I transfer cards that you shuffle in your hands, into digital crypto art?

It took me endless conversations and months to crack. 

I wanted to create something that combined my existing work with the values of innovation, playfulness and surprise. Something original and fun that offers highest value to its collectors. 

A project that not only complements the printed deck, but also forms a community of creatives–in a way that only NFTs allow.
Stay tuned of the different ways this will roll!
MORE DETAILS – Mint Your Magician 


Mint Your Magician is collection of 300 digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Which one is yours? Mint to reveal your Magician!

Each Magician will have a mix of different traits and items on the table, so no two cards will look the same of have the same meaning.

This project is designed to onboard more creatives to web3, and offered at a symbolic presale price.

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I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by Sakki-Sakki is now available!