The Sakki-Sakki Tarot–for the Artist in Each of Us, is officially Out Of Print!  

Let’s celebrate! 


The Sakki-Sakki Tarot, for the Artist in Each of Us, is officially out of print, y’all!
This deck will never be printed as-is again. 

Chills run down my spine to write that!

So, what’s next?
THE UNKNOWN for now 🙂

To celebrate this milestone, I’m preparing a live presentation where I will let you inside my head, and into my creative process. This is way beyond “behind the scenes.” It’s the full view of my creative thread, from the past and into the future, influences and evolution. This will go beyond Tarot.
This VIP event is created as a THANK YOU for all your support around the Sakki-Sakki Tarot. For all those who like it, bought it, reviewed it, made videos, posted their readings about it, pick a card everyday or do an occasional spread. And for all those that feel called to honor and express their creative self.

If you are a Sakki-Sakki lover, this is a must. If you are an artist (any kind of artist), aspiring artist, resisting your artist, loving symbolic meaning, or someone who wants to make sense of all the things you do, want to do, don’t understand why you do, this will totally spark you up.

The presentation itself will be a work of art, as it won’t follow a set format. As I create it, I will see what it becomes. Exhiiiiting!!!!

This is a separate emailing list, created for this event only, and for future updates on the Sakki-Sakki.
You’ll get an email invitation as soon as its ready!


Awaken The Artist in You

Sakki-Sakki is a unique line of art and work-in-progress based on the authentic style, unexpected happenings and creative imagination of Monicka Clio Sakki.

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