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What needs to happen, for you to call yourself an Artist?

I AM THE ARTIST is an affirmation of self-acceptance. It’s bravery and healing wrapped together. Realize your worth and be heartened by it. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from creating what you want to create.

by Sakki-Sakki

by Sakki-Sakki

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Self-Discovery, Healing and
Owning your Artists’ Identity

The Sakki-Sakki Tarot took steroids and turned into I AM THE ARTIST TAROT!

I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by artist Monicka Clio Sakki, is unexpected, joyous, riotous with color and tone, and bubbling with humor. It incorporates the structure and meanings of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, together with Astrology, Kabbalah and personal symbolism.

The deck comes with five(!) extra creativity-focused cards:

  • “The Artist”, of course!
  • “The Untitled One”
  • 3 Special Edition cards representing The Three Creative Powers

Printed in the EU, on premium 320gr paper, with black core layer-a must for extra flexibility and durability when shuffling.

I AM THE ARTIST Tarot, by Sakki-Sakki
is the reincarnation of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot – for the Artist in Each of Us



The Essential Companion Book to
I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by Sakki-Sakki & to Your Creative Journey

by Monicka Clio Sakki and Carol Anne Buckley


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262 pages. Includes:

  • Revealing descriptions, keywords, meanings, and reflections from The Artist’s Journal for each card
  • A comprehensive Systems section on Numbers, Elements, Astrology and Kabbalah which are a perfect introduction to anyone learning Tarot. 
  • Introduction to the Color Quest Codes – a new color inspired system originated by the Artist. 
  • Introduction of The Three Creative Powers
  • Extensive Spreads
  • A new chapter on The Artists’ Journey and The Creative Thread
  • A new chapter on the evolution of this deck
  • An updated deep dive of the Creative Process of this deck (with image breakdowns!)


Countless customers have praised the informative and well organized nature of the Playing with Symbols companion book. Many use it to learn Tarot, since it’s relevant to any traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck.


View how The Magician was put together

The creative process for I AM THE ARTIST Tarot is based on mix & match of “found objects” from the Sakki-Sakki Visual Library. This is a digital repository of my raw art. These “art icons” retain a pure quality; they bear the inspiration and freedom with which they were created. There was no effort to meet a certain standard, or specific requirement.

Most of the images were created when I scribbled in my sketchbook while attending a meeting or listening to a lecture. This is the best way to let my mind stay out of the doodling business!

The Sakki-Sakki Visual Library is organized with folder and files, all meticulously numbered and titled. It’s an ongoing asset that always grows. 

View how The World was put together



Thank you for all your kind words and support!
During the years I got so much love – always updating!
If you have a review you’d like to share for The Sakki Sakki or I AM THE ARTIST Tarot, pls SEND IT over.

I really, really like this deck. It makes me feel happy. The readings i’ve done with it have been generally upbeat and playful. When i asked what i should tell you about it [the deck], i got that it’s a “Star,” that it’s solid and dependable (knight of pentacles), and that it’s thumbs-up as a deck of power and energy (ace of wands).
– Mary K. Greer

The Sakki-Sakki tarot is a riot of colors and shapes, each card bursting with electricity and personality.
– Diane Wilkes

The Sakki-Sakki has been a mainstay for me ever since i got it. I get the best, deepest, most resonant spreads out of it. I don’t ever even use any other deck anymore. It speaks to me. It’s the deck of my heart.
– Michelle Newcome

The Sakki-Sakki tarot is a non-traditional deck that follows very traditional lines . . .  It is a good deck to use when feeling “stuck”, as it takes you out of your normal way of viewing tarot . . . “.
– Bonnie Cehovet

Fantastic! I still think this is one of the best decks out there.
– Karen Mahony

I am thrilled with this tarot deck.  The artist is a true genius and so full of the joy of life, intelligence and humor that using this deck for meditation or readings for others is quite a unique experience. Please continue to be creative and innovative, the world certainly needs a lot more of this.
– MM

…Sheer inspirational genius. The sakki has this fierce individualistic, artistic take that permeates the whole set, but isn’t reinventing the wheel… And this volcanic energy that makes the cards almost read themselves.
– Scion

I haven’t felt this inspired of bringing out the artist in me before!
– Thomas S

I adore this deck greatly!!! One of my favorites. The colors and images just lift me up and it reads so smoothly with lots of warmth. Her companion book playing with symbols is very very excellent, one of the best out there. I love just reading it to read it, when not even using the deck!! ….Everything about it is top-notch from the great size and cardstock to the art and symbols.
– HD

…It’s a package of instant joy. Thanks so much for brightening our world! – Nijole T

I love my new deck – it’s stunning, and the book is done with such care and commitment. I love the “artist” focus.
– Marj H

I find these cards to really be an active door into the collective consciousness. They almost have a curiosity into sharing with us about our high selves. Thank you for putting your art out there and therefore, more awareness.
– Day Schildkret

…When i fan the deck out in my hand i feel like i’m holding a rainbow.
– Dave

The readings i’ve done with the sakki-sakki have been inspiring, and cuttingly direct (the four of cups keeps popping up). I’ve been able to work past a bunch of pointless mental blocks that i’ve been stuck with for years!! Since i’ve had it, i’ve been inspired to finally get my blog up and running, and i’ve gotten my easel out again and worked on some sketches. The ideas are flowing easily for the first time in ages.
– Kim D (wintergreen)

…It is absolutely lovely!… Can’t wait to play with it… it’s even better than i expected.  The size and the card stock feel wonderful in my (small) hands.  It’s one of those few decks that look better in real life than in pictures.  I love, love, love it!  Thank you!
– Cam V

I got my Sakki-Sakki tarot cards and book… It was so beautiful and inspiring! It was as i could feel your heart in it.
– RB

I love your cards very much, and i have been making a little time each day to study/read/play/explore with them every day despite my hectic schedule! Your cards are by far my favorite cards ever, i feel that i have finally found the one!
– KK

I just wanted you to know how influential your deck has been for me in learning tarot and getting started on my artist’s path. Thank you so much for walking your artist’s path and bringing this deck into the world.
– Alex S

Your book arrived… i have snuggled down with the book and 3 cats, and have already enjoyed the journey of the artist.  I have pulled out my sketchbook, and am starting to get inspired about sketching again.  The book is such a wonderful compliment to your cards.
– Karen G

It is the best deck i have. The energy coming off the deck when i received it was incredible.
– Kathe L

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your delightful creation… What a true accomplishment, congratulations! Just wanted to share my appreciation for the amount of love and energy you put into this project, even the materials you chose are of the best quality – it remains one of the best card stock i’ve ever seen!
– Iris

Wow! Could anyone fail to love the Sakki-Sakki? I doubt it!  
– Pet Jeffery

This deck is Chef’s kiss 
– Shonna Hill

I have to admit, I did readings with the cards last night, I couldn’t wait to use them! I really love the I AM THE ARTIST deck, reading with it actually inspired me to do some drawing last night for the first time in a long while! 
– Kiah Ninomiya

I AM THE ARTIST deck is beautiful! And the book, wow! What an incredible body of work. I’m so thrilled to have this deck <3 
– EL

Sakki-Sakki is my number one deck. I don’t really use it very often because it’s so precious but now that I could get a second copy, I will be using it probably daily.
– Twistyprincess

I am thrilled and excited. I am an artist. I feel the electricity of the new venture. Always hoped to get the old deck, I think this might be even better!
– tamipie

A world of creative energy coming together… evoking intense themes.
There’s power in the art and colors, kind of like an offering to the reader or the querent. Each card makes me light. Reminding me that I don’t have to take everything so seriously. 
– Noadi Way



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I value this deck so much!

The humour in this deck, the wacky way of looking at life is what sets this deck apart from others. 😁

The companion book is like no other that I have seen – it’s chock full information that anyone, novice or expert Tarot reader, would enjoy!

Marie Ashworth

A tool for strong empowerment

The artwork offers a world with a strong sense of movement and moldability. A powerful reminder we truly are THE ARTIST of our own reality and therefore, everything in it can be shaped into something new and more in alignment with the brightest vision of our reality.

Noadi Way

Holy wow!

It’s SO GLORIOUS! And the scarf!

I could literally feel the magic in my fingers and arms as I opened my deck for the first time.

Miish Grixi

This deck ticks every quirky,

colorful, and intellectual box that makes me excited to continue learning Tarot.

In all the years that I’ve been practicing tarot, it has remained in the number one spot for me.

Jalisa Kratzer

I’m absolutely loving the deck

It speaks to me so honestly, but also kindly and encouragingly like my very best friends do.

Thank you so much 🥰.

This deck reads so good!

It’s a breath of fresh air.
Puts a smile on my face!

And the card-stock! It’s indestructible. No shows of wear and I use it everyday.

HoneyLou Wilson

This deck is magic.

 It welcomes you with its colorful, friendly and whimsical nature, and then gives you the truth up straight.


To view the cards click the titles below – they expand!


To view the cards click the titles below – they expand!




True to its’ name, I AM THE ARTIST Tarot has comes with five(!) extra creativity-focused cards:

  • “The Artist”, of course!
  • “The Untitled One”
  • “The Three Creative Powers” (3 Special Edition cards)





I AM THE ARTIST Tarot by Sakki-Sakki is now available!