Moving my focus from Sakki-Sakki to Monicka Clio Sakki. Shifting gears. Discovering new creative forms. I can not even begin to tell you how how exciting, challenging, scary, and thrilling this is.
But I decided to just start, by TELLING YOU. And to celebrate that, I hold a few surprises that have one foot in the past and one on the future (if you have a pet with four legs, then they have two left , free to wave and cheer!)

So, if you are only interested in Tarot, then stay on the Sakki-Sakki list. I will say hello once in a while…
If you are intrigued by what else I am about to do, create, deliver, then you must hop on my NEW list. I call my newsletter “Magenta on Ice”. (as I am So about color driven connections!).

So what is The Haunted Sakki-Sakki?

a new edition, sequel, or illegal copy of The Sakki-Sakki Tarot.
But it does include the first printed cards of the first and only original run. So much the first, that they were all trashed, as the back side was printed on both sides to “warm up” the machine and to get some paper rolling. Every run of print has such an amount of “damaged” material. They sometimes call them “makletours”.
Well, these were just too pretty to let them be trashed. In a way, there were even more beautiful. Unexpected things happened. New shapes emerged, other shapes covered. A new form of art was born with the random and the mistake in mind. Not caring about mistakes, that is.  The greenish looking layer gave the feeling of a haunted lace. Making things even more mysterious than they already are. The cards speak a bit more spooky too.
I collected a few decks, and savored them. I gave two or three as special gifts. The rest I kept. Till now. I have 12 left. Two I will keep for my kids. We are down to 10. And well, after this giveaway we’ll be down to 9.
I don’t know yet which deck will be picked for the Giveaway (will pick randomly, of course). No deck is the same as another, and there is no possible way to ever reproduce such a uniqueness. Some decks have a few back cards blank. I have three different kinds of boxes for it (all haunted design, of course).It comes with the 48p. LWB. Shipping on me, so that I can indulge on the giving, and you on the receiving.

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