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The Sakki-Sakki Tarot AND Playing with Symbols Book
in an amazing deal!

In addition to the book, you get a 48 page Little White Book with a brief explanation/keywords for every card and spread samples, so you are ready to go!

Cards: Printed on the best quality, special playing-card stock, which has a middle carbon layer for flexibility and smooth shuffling. Size: 6.2×11.5cm/2.45×4.5″.
Please see below note about the BOX.

Book: Paperback, 13.5x21cm/5.3×8.2″, 222 pages.

Limited Edition
The Sakki-Sakki tarot was printed in a limited edition. No other same or similar edition will ever be issued.

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Enjoy FREE Shipping ANYWHERE!

Note about the box:

The deck will ship by default with the Hebrew version of the BOX (same stunning design, in blue). The cards, little booklet and book are ALL IN ENGLISH!

I have recently miraculously discovered a few more boxes from the English version boxes (they were hiding!), so if you strongly prefer an English one , let me know by adding a note when you order via Pay-Pal. If possible I will grant your wish depending to what is left.

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